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Ashi”  (meaning foot), “Atsu” (meaning pressure) (AKA ~ “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy)
Origins of this unique barefoot technique date back to Ancient Eastern practices some 3,000 years ago. Todays modernized version is a combination of  western and eastern principles whereby oiled bare feet become the implemented pressure tools instead of traditional hands on. The big, broad and round structure of the foot creates a deeper, surprisingly comfortable and luxurious compression.


Though standing on your back at times, Chearl is able to adeptly control the amount of pressure and compression by holding onto overhead bars that are attached to the ceiling.  It is not painful and on the contrary, is remarkably relaxing. This is an exceptional treatment for back and glute tension, low back pain, sciatica problems, tight achilles, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and  any type of spinal or muscular tension.


The compression also has a detoxifying effect on internal organs. Elongated toe to head, blood and lymph flushing strokes facilitate detoxification of fascia, muscles and underlying tissues.

Trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are particularly drawn to this technique because these benefits cannot be duplicated by hands on alone.

99999997K8A0825Chearl begins each Ashiatsu session with an overall hands on warm up and then, with finesse and sensitivity, proceeds with the barefoot massage. Hands are also used on areas that require more specific attention to detail such as the neck and face.

~ 60 minutes $85

~ 90 minutes $120

~ 120 minutes $160





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